Money Market Products

For many investors, a volatile market is too risky. The money market products from BancABC offer an alternative to higher risk investments while yielding attractive returns.

Call Deposits

If you have excess working capital and wish to invest for the short-term, then the Call Account from BancABC is the one for you.

Why you should consider the Call Deposit

  • You need a minimum amount of USD 10 000 or TZS equivalent to invest of which part of or the full amount is available on demand
  • The minimum investment period is one day
  • Funds can be withdrawn through an instruction in writing or electronically, subject to meeting requirements of the agreed signing mandate form
  • Interest is calculated on a daily closing balance and paid at the end of the month
  • Interest can be credited to your account or transferred to another account in your name
  • Interest rates are influenced by ruling market conditions
  • Statements are available on request
  • You can deposit money in any currency
  • The account can be operated as both a transactional and investment account
  • You pay no maintenance fees

Negotiable Certificates of Deposit (NCDs)

BancABC offers Negotiable Certificates of Deposit to investors, a large denomination certificate of deposit (CD) that serves as a savings instrument.  Negotiable Certificates of Deposit are usually for investors who want a short-term investment, which provides a fixed interest rate return over an agreed period. NCD benefits include:

  • The flexibility to trade on the secondary market thus giving you access to cash before maturity
  • A fixed interest rate, which means your returns are guaranteed
  • Investment period can be up to one year or even longer

Fixed Deposit Account

A Fixed Deposit Account from BancABC offers you the opportunity to earn fixed interest rates that are usually higher than those on Call Accounts.

Features of the Fixed Deposit Account include

  • A fixed interest rate for the investment period
  • No withdrawals or deposits are allowed before maturity
  • The bank can pay capital amount and interest on maturity giving you the   option to re-invest at re-negotiated rates
  • A statement is available at the time of investment
  • Investment period ranges from one month to 5 years
  • Interest earned can be paid into your current account or be re-invested with capital
  • A minimum investment amount of TZS 1 million is required
  • N.B. Funds withdrawn before the maturity date maybe subject to a penalty fee.





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