Fixed Income Products

Bonds are straight-forward securities issued as long-term borrowings with a coupon that is paid out semi annually. Bonds are normally issued by Governments and listed companies who require long term funding. The coupons are calculated based on the nominal value on the bonds. They can be traded on the secondary market and the price is based on market yields prevailing at the time of trading.

Bonds are ideal for those who require long-term investments such as Pension Funds and Insurance Companies. BancABC's Treasury Department is an active trader of bonds.

  • A Fixed interest rate gives the investor a guaranteed return irrespective of interest rate fluctuations.
  • Interest earned is paid twice in a year giving the investor the option of reinvesting the interest before maturity.
  • The existence of a secondary market allows the holder to cash in before maturity.




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Investor Relations

BancABC aims to provide the investor community with transparent and timeous information. This is undertaken through a proactive process whereby information is continually and broadly disseminated to the financial community and the investing public, ensuring that the Group is accurately valued in the marketplace...

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